A New Beginning to Beauty

Posted by Latifah Cooley on

If there’s a life event that puts you on standby, makes you go WTH, and compels you to whisper “WHY?”—all at the same time—it’s a pain and the onset of PTSD (post traumatic stress). I became aware that something was changing when “I fell in love” started to fight my husband in my sleep, and the memories brought with it pain and uncertainty of feeling safe at night. I am a victim of sexual abuse. My past caught up with me and caused me to have stress and anxiety. Sigh…

My therapist explained that this was a sign of post traumatic stress and would be my “new normal” until I took control. So I began my brainstorming on how to heal myself. I tried many things, and found them inconvenient and unsuccessful (talk about a buzz kill!). I prayed and meditated, submerged in hot bubble baths – anything to reduce the pain and anxiety.

I had to ask “Really? Is this my reality? ”.

What I wanted was to restore the warmth, comfort, and “safety” I used to enjoy. Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I set out to create it for women like me. It started with makeup, natural hair blogging, and my favorite lip gloss. I then realized I could do more and create products for women like myself. Alzaeim Beauty was created. Natural beauty products made with natural ingredients that bring self-love and confidence back to life - homemade, and packed with care – that’s what I envisioned Alzaeim Beauty would deliver.

To all the women in the world, here’s to regaining the confidence, freedom, and connection with yourself that you deserve.

Welcome to the new Alzaeim Beauty ™️. Previously known as Curl Me Knot ®.


Latifah Cooley

CEO & Founder